About Us

I'm a mom with a passion for designing and putting smiles on little faces

 I  don't have little ones anymore but I have been designing since they were.  I started this company 20 years ago with just winter hats (32 Degrees line)  Goal: to be able to stay at home with my first born and be the best mom I could be.  When she started sporting my first design we were stopped everywhere we went with people asking "where did you get that hat".   I thought, Hmmmm....maybe I'm on to something here.  So I started renting tables at small church fairs and selling out of hats.  I loved my "hobby", it enabled me to stay home and helped financially with our growing family.  When daughter number two came along with Spina Bifida life as we knew it came to a screaming halt.   So I put my "hobby" on hold for a few years and learned how to be the best mom I could be to two of the most amazing women I know today   As we all adjusted to our new and improved life, I picked up where I left off.  As my designs grew so did my craft/art shows along with our family.  Wow now i have three hat models, I am one lucky Momma! 

That's how it started and this is where I am now...

 Still happily designing hats. I no longer have my own personal little models but I'm patiently waiting for them to give me some.  In the meantime, I get to enjoy bringing smiles, warmth and sun protection to yours.  I thank you for that, their smiles truly warm my heart! 

Why you should buy from Hatlarious?

 If you want to support made in the USA, small business and high quality we offer all of that.  We believe in people, love, family and Peace.